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D. Podhorodecki

“Not only did I hear wonderful things about Mt. Olive Child Care & Learning Center from other local families, but I knew immediately upon touring the facility that this was unlike any of the other Center’s I had looked into. It felt like a home away from home- not commercialized at all. All 3 of my daughters ended up attending the Center from around Toddler Age through Middle School Age. I can’t put into words the impact this Center had on them- and on me. The curriculum was always taught in a fun, interactive way and my daughters were MORE than prepared for school when the time came. Once they attended the public schools, the After Care Program was a huge help to me – especially with that dreaded homework, which gave us all anxiety. The staff always went above and beyond with making sure they completed it, studied for upcoming tests, started projects, etc. HUGE PLUS, in my book! I also need to mention their free parent education program. It was something I will forever promote and share with people I know. It’s incredible and should be taken by anyone is an influence to a child. So all in all, this Center is part of our family now. Always will be. I am so, so grateful.”