Gail Reuther

Executive Director, M.A. ECE
Brief info

I have been the Executive Director at the Mt. Olive Child Care & Learning Center since July 1982. After completing my Bachelor's Degree in Speech Correction and Spanish from Rutgers University, I pursued my Master of Arts Degree from Kean University in Early Childhood Education and also became a Certified Nursery School Teacher. Having worked in both small schools and larger schools (starting in Newark, then in Wharton, and subsequently in Mt. Olive Township), I bring classroom expertise as well as administrative business management credentials to my current position. I am a state-approved Master Trainer of Adults and also spend many hours networking with local and statewide colleagues to continually seek new information and innovative ways to respond to the needs and interests of the community. It has been my pleasure working with the thousands of children and families that we have served over the years, as well as our dedicated staff.