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Parents Testimonials

The Mt. Olive Child Care & Learning Center has provided my family with a peace of mind. Every day we drop off our children, and we know that they are going into a facility that will accommodate their needs and provide them with exceptional care. Our children love the Center so much that when we come to pick them up they want to stay!

As educational leaders, we believe that children at such a young age learn best through discovery and creativity. The Mt. Olive Child Care & Learning Center focuses on these areas through an interactive and enriched curriculum that will develop your child’s cognitive concepts, physical, language, and social skills. You can be reassured that the Center is a nurturing environment that is dedicated to educating the whole child. We highly recommend that Mt. Olive Child Care & Learning Center to all parents that are seeking an institution that focuses on your child’s best interests.

Kurt and Natalia S

My family has been utilizing the Mt. Olive Child Care & Learning Center for over 5 years now for the Before & After Care Programs, as well as their Summer Camp Program. Without these programs, as a 2 parent working family, I would be lost! I cannot say enough about the staff: how wonderful they are and how comfortable they make me feel about the fact that my children are safe and well cared for until I get to the school to pick them up. It is also reasonably affordable, especially for having 2 children. The kids get to do lots of fun activities such as play games and sports in the gym, participate in cooking club, reading club, walking club, and also play board games, x-box, and have special movie days. I love the Mt. Olive Child Care & Learning Center, and I am thankful that the Center is there for my family.

Amy G

As a parent of 3 children, I started using the services of the Mt. Olive Child Care & Learning Center back in 1992. My children have been enrolled in all the programs of the Center: Infant & Toddler, Preschool, and School-Age/Before & After School and Summer Camp. Through the years, the Center has gently walked me through every stage of my children’s lives. I’ve learned a great deal from the sensitive, trained caregivers who are committed to the Center and its parents. The truth is that I’m a better parent because of the Center. Today, my daughter is in college, my son is in high school, and my youngest is in the Preschool Program. And me, let’s just say I couldn’t be happier!

Laura K

I can say that this child care center is truly focused on the good of the child, and is truly community-based. This is not a ‘fast food’ big chain of child care with rotating teenage employees. This is quality care with an eye to the good of the community, long-term employees, and happy, well-tended children. The Center cuts through socioeconomic barriers, with children from well-off families and children from struggling families. I have trusted them with my children, and they have more than held that trust.

Rebecca W

When we chose a preschool we were looking for an environment that would help bridge the gap between the nurture of an in-home day care provider and the structure of a classroom. Mt. Olive Child Care & Learning Center provided the safe and loving classroom setting that helped our children flourish both socially and academically. Now, four years and two children later, we couldn’t be happier with our decision.

Amy and John B

My daughter Kylie is almost 4 and this is her first year attending the preschool program at Mt. Olive Child Care & Learning Center. I have already had 3 sons go through the program a few years ago. I have had nothing but positive experiences when dealing with the Center and the staff. All of the staff and teachers genuinely care about our children, and this caring attitude extends into how they teach the children each and every day. The Center has a wonderful education program that has engaged all of my children socially and educationally. When my 3 older boys went off to Kindergarten 2 years ago, they would not have been as prepared as they were if they had not attended the Center. On another note, the Center has a great food allergy plan in place; the staff are very careful to ensure that any child with a food allergy will be safe.

Julie T

My children have been in the Chester M. Stephens Program for several years and I feel very confident in their well-being. What really makes the program are the teachers! They seek out new opportunities for the children, whether it be crafts, projects, games, etc. I speak with them frequently upon pick up, and it is clear that they care for each and every child. They always greet me with a smile! One of the teachers helps my son with math and other homework each day, and she shows patience and skill. My daughter is learning how to crochet and knit, and she enjoys this very much! It is so convenient to have the program right in the school. So, for all you do, thank you!

Sue G

When I chose to return to work after the birth of my first child, it was a heart wrenching effort to find the best program for my child that would support his growth and development until the time he was of school age. I knew the moment I was introduced to the Center and its programs that I had found the right place for my son, and subsequently for my daughter who was born 2 years later.

Heather A